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The magazine for modernists 

Detail is a print publication dedicated to offering a more in-depth look at the UK’s most stylish subculture – Mod.

We cover style, culture, music, film, fashion from a modernist angle with in-depth features from some of the ‘scene’s’ most enthusiastic wordsmiths including Paul Smiler Anderson, Eddie Piller, Ian Moore and Graham Lentz. We match this with top-notch design, illustration and photography to create a bespoke reading experience that digital publishing hasn’t yet been able to match.
Since its launch in September 2020, Detail has been making waves in the mod scene. The project was launched as a Kickstarter campaign and reached its target in less than a month. It was also chosen by Kickstarter as one of its projects of the week. 


Contact us: 


Claire Mahoney 

07812 106992


Advertising and promotions:

Alan Saunders 

07803 608814


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