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We pay tribute to the late Mary Quant, an icon of the 20th century in this issue. We ask collector Polly Love and journalist Claudia Eliott why the fashion designer defined modernism in so many ways. Lois Wilson interviews Rhoda Dakar off the back of her new solo album, Version Girl, Graham Lentz brings us a previously unpublished interview he carried out with the late Jeffrey Kruger owner of The Flamingo.


Is Mad Man the ultimate Mod TV series? Find out why music journalist Paul Moody thinks so. Plus, Jason Brummell chats with Tara Milton, formerly of Mod-leaning indie popsters Five-Thirty, about his critically acclaimed solo album, Serpentine Waltz, which has recently been re-issued on vinyl by Heavy Soul Records. Danny Gray looks at modern retro style scooters and why the tide is turning in their favour, meanwhile Daniel Rachel tells us why he wrote his latest book - The Lost Album of The Beatles. 


Oh and lets not forget,we will also feature DJ and Broadcaster Gary Crowley in our regular Sometimes, Always, Never style feature.


It's all in the Detail...


Detail Issue 9 (Summer 2023)

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